Fatboy Slim announces Big Beach Boutique II documentary

Fatboy Slim has teamed up with Sky Original to produce a documentary focused on his 2002 Big Beach Boutique II event on Brighton beach.

Described as “the biggest outdoor party the UK has ever seen”, the event on 13th July, 2002, marked the second of the DJ’s free open-air concerts, and was expected to draw in a crowd of 40,000 people. More than 250,000 showed up, however, with organisers and police heavily overwhelmed by the size of the crowd.

The feature-length film about the event, ‘Right Here, Right Now’, will debut on Sky Documentaries on 4th February at 10pm GMT. It will feature interviews with Fatboy Slim and many of the organisers involved in putting on the party, and will focus on the difficulties that happened on the day, as well as the opposition to the party taking place from councillors and residents.

“It has been wonderful with the fullness of time and some hindsight, to revisit such a seismic event in both mine and my hometown’s history,” Fatboy Slim, AKA Norman Cook, said. “Warts and all, the story told in full… Watch, sleep, rave, repeat.”

Last August, Fatboy Slim shared a special mix to mark 20 years since Big Beach Boutique II happened, and also released a box set to mark the anniversary.

Source: djmag

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