Program Description

The venue doesn’t matter: pub, club, open-air; the vibrations always have to be positive. This is the principle that I followed all my DJ career and I put my personal touch in every location that I DJ at. Ever since I was 16 I met and deepened what was going to be the main occupation and the thing that I know best – music. In all these years I have worked and invested constantly in this talent, gaining experience in all kinds of parties, especially club ones, which opened up more horizons for me in this segment. But the love of music did not start with mixing only, radio has appeared in my life at an early age, and since then I have learned and lived RADIO. I have owned the Radio Deep project for 10 years, my second home, the place where I always have a peaceful heart, my friends, my favorite music and the most positive vibes. You can hear me live every Saturday at 21:00 GMT+2! Happy listening for everything the Radio Deep project stands for!

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